Arthur Fink

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Applicator Sales
Academic Services
Arcadia Trading (Georgetown Collection)
BDM Information Systems
Bloodhound Software 
Bookman Consulting
Conference Partners
Cooperative Fire Insurance of Vermont
C.N. Brown
Daddy's Junky Music Store
Distribution America (Emery-Waterhouse)
DST Canada
Federal Bureau of Prisons
Ford Audio-Video
Foster & Gallagher (Stark Brothers)
GCR Consulting
Gemini Systems
General Electric
Gouws Capital Management
Griesemer & Associates
Hanover Insurance
Hurley Communications
Journal Publications
Keane, Inc.
Kyris Imaging Software
Labor Institute of Public Affairs
MacKenzie Financial Corporation
Maine - CNA Registry
Maine - Dept of Human Services
Maine - Dept of Labor
Maine - Harness Racing Commision
Maine Line Computer
Maine Financial Insurance Trust
Myriad Systems
Northeast Cooperatives
New England Yearly Meeting of Friends
New Hampshire Housing Finance Agency
Practical Solutions
Professional Examination Service
ProTech Systems
Progress Software Corporation
Progress User Group - Netherlands
Progress User Group - New England
Progress User Group - Norway
Progress User Group - Ohio Regional
Robertson Marketing Group
Russell A Farrow
Reebok Canada.
Rich Products
Rolscreen (Pella Windows)
Seagate Technology
Shaker Computer & Management Services
Siemens Medical Systems
U.S. Optical Disk
United States Coast Guard
Versa Management
Vision Appraisal
Vermont National Bank
Winter Panel Corporation
Weleda Pharmacy
White Star Software
York Insurance Group
Yudy's Tire
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