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I particularly enjoy working for and with groups whose products particularly enrich this world. I am lucky to count among my clients:

Motherwear sells a range of clothing and other products that make breast feeding practical.

Weleda sells naturally produced health and beauty products, and anthroposophical medicines.

Hurley Communications develops and supports hospital messenging systems.  I developed their user interface, and all the telephone integration.

Northeast Cooperatives distributes organic produce and other healthy foods throughout New England.

Other Progress 
Anybody working with Progress should subscribe to the Progress Electronic Mail Group.

I often work in collaboration with my friends at White Star Software, who publish the journal "Progressions" and also provide training and consultation regarding Progress Applications. Great people, with great spirit.

Hansdip Bindra of Innov8 Computer Solutions, LLC is another special friend, excellent consultant, and another collaborator of choice -- who regularly produces clear code, and clean interfaces.

Many of us who work with Progress are only dimly aware of the internals of the Windows API. Jurjen Dijkstra is a notable exception, and his home page is an invaluable resource for anybody wanting to really control the windows interface.

Peter van Dam (also in Holland) has assembled a great collection of Progress-related web sites, a number of articles of interest to any Progress programmer, and some very useful tools.  Peter is also author of an exciting product, DWP, that allows a full Progress GUI client to run over an internet connection.

It's rare to find great Progress software for free, but that's just what you'll find, along with lots of information about ActiveX and Comm-Automation usage with Progress, at the web site of DotR Limited

Peter van Dam and Julian Lyndon-Smith of DotR have gotten together to construct, which is a collection of tools, tutorials, and helpful examples for Progress v9 developers. 

I've often wondered just how sensible it is to use Progress's so-called "Smart Objects". My guide to this technology has been John Johnson -- a knowledgeable Progresss programmer, and also an associate of White Star Software.

Progress is used all around the world.  Istvan Hollo at IJA Software Studio is based in Hungary, but could be doing Progress and Web development almost anywhere.  We recently met in Holland at the wonderful Pug Challenge conference.

One of my recent development projects involved using Progress to control a telephone system, with Microsoft's Tapi interface. Andrew Chalk, of Magna Carta Software, has been my mentor in this world of computer telephony. Andrew is actually not a Progress programmer, but as Progress becomes a more open system, we need the specialized help that such consultants can offer.

Other links My wife, Ann Foster, is a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine, including Shiatsu and Acupressure.  She is also certified to teach Jin Shin Jyutsu, and conducts regular classes in Portland and Peaks Island Maine.  Contact her at or call  207 . 774 . 3465.

I am on the Board of Woolman Hill a Quaker retreat center in South Deerfield, Mass.

A critical part of any endeavor is effective decisionmaking.  Craig Freshley's workshops and consulting on Good Group Decisions should be of value to anybody concerned about process and clarity.

One of the best tutorials I've ever seen on web design is on  Val Casey's home page.  She is lead designer at Vivid studios, one of the best known web development groups.

A high point of my year is attending the Camden Conference (in Camden Maine), which is now called  Pop Tech.   The first was on telecommunications, then education, PopTech culture, being on-line, virtual worlds.  Stay tuned, and come to the next one!

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