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As a consultant, trainer, and system developer who has been working with Progress since the product was first introduced, I know what it takes to develop successful systems:
  • Careful listening to the needs of everybody concerned with making the system work
  • Training on database and interface design, programming, and system administration
  • User interface design (gui or character) and review
  • Database design and review
  • Advice on coding or perhaps actual coding and testing
  • Useability testing, and rework, to insure that the system really works for users.
  • Performance review, and rework, to insure that machine resources are well used.
I can provide all of these services, and more.

Learning to work with a fourth generation product like Progress is learning a new way of thinking. And doing event driven GUI coding is also a new paradigm. Why not insure that you will have the best advice -- so that your first system will be a complete success.

User Interface Design Designing a user interface is designing a process by which users interact -- not just a pretty set of screens. It is also designing a way to interact with the user's world. All my background in psychology, in business consulting, in graphic design and layout, in systems work, and in Progress programming come into play in this task.

Database Review The most important step in developing efficient Progress applications is designing an appropriate database. I can help with the design process, and can often suggest ways that the whole system can be made more efficient and easier to develop, by changing the database structure.

Progress Software Corporation has invited me to address their American user conference on the topic "How to know if you have the right database", and I have also been invited to speak on the same subject at user groups in Norway and Holland, and at a number of Regional Progress Conferences in the U.S.

I would be pleased to conduct a formal review of your database design -- either in the early stages of implementation, or as part of a performance review.

Advice on coding Clients' staff can call on me for suggestions on writing difficult or complex requests -- and I am willing to provide as little, or as much, assistance as is required. My role as a consultant is typically to help clients become self-sufficient.

Training I have been certified by Progress to teach their introductory and advanced classes, and also offer classes of my own -- including:
Designing and Refining Graphic User Interfaces (GUIs) for Progress Applications
Working with Smart Objects
Progress Programming in a Version 9 GUI or Character Environment
Version 7 / 8 / 9 Progress for Version 6 Programmers
These classes are enriched by my real-world experience using Progress, reviewing other Progress applications, and teaching Progress since version 3.0.

Turn-key systems I can deliver a full system (or module), fully coded, tested, and installed, based upon specifications that you or I have developed.  Alternatively, I can help you or your staff develop it yourself, correctly, the first time.

Systems analysis 
& design
I have an extensive background in working with organizations and people to determine what kinds of systems will be most effective, and will be most appreciated, within different kinds of organizations.  More technology is not necessarily better.

How I work My philosophy in all of this work is to proceed modestly. Thus I require no long-term contracts, and tend not to propose big projects. Clients purchase the services they need, when they are needed.

Profiles: The magazine of Progress Software Corporation described my business as follows:

Arthur Fink offers a full range of Progress training and consulting services . . . the review of database systems before developers begin Progress coding, or after performance problems begin to plague poorly designed systems. He can also assist with overall system design, database design, writing detailed system specifications, system implementation, customer programming, standard or client-specific course development, and system optimization.
In fact, Progress Software has contracted with me to provide many of these same services through their consulting and training groups.

I have been building database applications for twenty five years, using Progress since it was first introduced.

User Group 
Here are Powerpoint slides for two presentations I've given before a number of Progress User Groups around the world, and for the World Progress User Group:
Enhancing Your Legacy (V6 style) Code
Designing and Refining Graphic User Interfaces for Progress Applications
Listening To and Engaging Users Through Contextual Inquiry
I have an extensive background in working with organizations and people to determine what kinds of systems will be most effective, and will be most appreciated, within different kinds of organizations.

Please respect the fact that these are copyrighted materials.  You are free to use them for your own use, but do not publish them or present them before audiences without my explicit permission.

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